What is wingwave?

Wingwave is a coaching method developed by two German psychologists specialised in stress management. Wingwave represents the combination of science, mind and emotion, and teaches how to remain calm in difficult circumstances.

You may not be able to just turn off stress and anxiety, but you can switch to a positive, smoother experience.

Motio is one of the few certified wingwave coaches in Belgium and works strongly in her coaching on activating positive energy and the developing personal skills

Benefits of wingwave coaching:

  • The first results are achieved quickly using this positive approach;
  • Clients learn simple techniques in self-management for use in stressful situations;
  • This short-term coaching focuses on a specific question or problem, enabling 4 to 6 sessions to be usually sufficient.

A gardener gives his plants the right amount of water, fertilizer and care at the right time. He knows exactly when to let the plant rest and when and how to stimulate its growth. During the wingwave coaching Motio works in the same way as the gardener. We work with what there is and provide care at the right time with the right inspirational touch, so that the client has everything he needs to start working independently from the coach and can stimulate his personal growth by himself.

EMDR in coaching

In wingwave we use EMDR, a method that reduces negative thoughts, anxiety, stress and flashbacks based on deliberately stimulated eye movements.Research has shown that this method very effectively combats stress-related ailments and has a high success rate.