Ina, the woman behind Motio

I’m Ina Wermelskirchen, founder of Motio and a driven, hands-on coach.

Before I turned my career around and got trained as a personal coach, I was active for thirty years in sales management and business development. I worked both in SMEs and family businesses as well as in multinationals, and therefore have a clear picture of the structure of various organisations. I always knew that I wanted to work with and around people, but for a long time chose to stick with the safe option. In 2008 I decided it was time to call into question my profession and career, and very soon opted to sign up for a psychology study programme.

This training was for me like coming home, as at last I had found where I needed to be. Meanwhile, I attended various training courses, giving me the knowledge to help people actively in their careers. In a previous job, furthermore, I was hit by burnout and so I can benefit from both my studies and my personal experiences during my coaching. I understand my clients because I totally know what they are going through and how it feels I am an emotional person in my coaching your feelings are key. We start with how you feel, while applying the appropriate framework and the relevant knowledge. I like to listen to your story, but I am honest. I want to help my clients, even if this means saying things they would rather not hear. I think long term, and try to create a relationship of trust. Only if we work together can we solve your problems

Some qualifications I have obtained:

  • Professional career Coach
  • Stress & Burnout Coach
  • Intercultural Trainer
  • NLP Practioner, Coach and Trainer
  • Wingwave Coach
  • psychological consultant