How does Motio work?

Introduction interview

Our process always begins with an intake interview, in which we try to define exactly where you your career hit a bump and to identify the problem. In this interview, we see if things click between us and we look at what precisely your expectations are. It is important that you can express your emotions and that we can together formulate several concrete objectives for your coaching. This first tentative interview is by telephone and completely free of charge.

Practical approach

Motio combines a personality analysis with a practical approach. During our conversations, we will examine your emotions, but some specific exercises will be also performed along certain themes. In addition, you will be asked to also work conscientiously at home on your assignments. Indeed, Motio believes strongly that change should be anchored into your daily life. We may ask you to keep a diary where you write down how your talents have been deployed, or to make a new task plan at home.

Career checks

Motio’s career coaching works with A lissome, a career centre recognized by VDAB. This enables you to pay Motio your career coaching with cheques, making your coaching very advantageous. For the precise conditions, we ask you to go to, or you can contact us via the contact form (link).



Guaranteed the right approach

Ina is a certified career and stress management coach whose knowledge and refresher courses, thanks to her in-depth training, can properly assess what you need. Thus, we offer our clients an effective strategy and the guarantee that a change process will work effectively.

It sometimes happens that following the interview the coach will recommend that you see a psychotherapist because deeper problems have come to light. This is not a rejection; our coach wishes above all that you get the help you deserve.