August 12, 2018

The right match

How do you find the coach that really makes a match?

First and foremost: a coach is not a wizard who can help you with a simple spell

Career counselling is not magic. It can be tough, asking yourself a lot of questions, criticizing you, …

Your coach will look into your personal trajectory based on your experiences. It is therefore extremely important to find someone you trust and want to go on the road together.

A few things to pay attention to when looking for a coach

Coaching – Training

The profession of coach is not protected in Belgium. That means that everyone can call himself a coach. It is therefore important that you look for the coach with the right knowledge, background or education. Someone with a professional background has learned question techniques, different models and strategies, processes, … and knows how he or she can develop targeted steps or action plans.

Further training and in-depth training are a must for a coach. The world of coaching is changing as fast as the world of work. As a coach, you not only have to stay abreast of new methodologies, but also follow at times supervision and exchange experiences with colleagues.


A professional coach is an expert in his field because he or she cannot be an expert in all areas of our complex life. So, choose someone with a certain, clear defined field of expertise. You can never be equally good at everything or know everything.  For business coaching, a coach is recommended that also has professional experience in the business world or is competent in dealing with companies.

Methodological skills

Professional coaches are able to use the tools they know adopted to the person sitting in front of them. There is unfortunately no standard solution for every problem. There are tools, methods and strategies that are common and often used to achieve a goal. A good coach is someone who is able to use multiple tools, depending on your needs.


A coaching process is a very personal process. It is therefore important to feel 100% comfortable with your coach. Recommendations and references from friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances, but also from your gp in the event of a burn-out, can be the first step in the search for the right coach. Remember that a coach has a duty of confidentiality, also towards the employer or that person you referred.

Having the same wavelength

Most recognized coaches will offer an introductory meeting. This conversation is completely without obligation. After all, there must be a mutual click between you and your coach in order to achieve success together. Make use of this introductory meeting, because mutual trust is and remains the basis for good cooperation.

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