September 14, 2018

Belgium for Beginners –

What would you like to know about Belgium, this small but complex country? 

This workshop is not an ‚inburgeringscursus‘ but gives you a lot of insights in culture and history, customs, do‘s and don‘ts in social and business context.

A bit of management style, how teams are working together.

You don‘t behave the ‚at home feeling‘ yet?
Information on how to build a social network and establish your life here in Belgium.

You are looking for a job, but don‘t know exactly how to do it, where to find valuable information?

What else?
I limit this workshop to max 15 participants, as I rather want to have an useful and lively discussion than a PowerPoint presentation.

The workshop is for free, but I ask you to fill in a (very) short questionnaire to be sure to get the most relevant questions covered.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Where: Het WonderWijvenHuis, Driemastenbaan 37, 2160 Wommelgem

When: Saturday, 29.September 2018    10am – 1 pm

 Your reservation  you can make here

The WonderWijvenHuis is easy to reach by public transport … Don‘t hesitate to ask for the route descriptions (car/bus/trein)

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