Come to an info-moment for career counseling

Career counseling is about more than just looking for a new job.

Do you want to stay with the same employer, but give your career a new direction? Or do you want to enjoy your work again? Are you returning to work after a long illness?

Career guidance can help you. You take stock of your current career and plan the steps you want to take to achieve your ambitions.

Even if you‘re having a burn-out, or feel that it is not far off, career counseling comes in handy. In the event of a threatening burn-out, we look for what gives you resilience and energy and we put that into practice. Sometimes, in our job, we are busy with tasks that cost us more energy than give.

With career guidance you discover what your natural talents are and how you can use them successfully.

There is something for everyone: you can follow a customized route, adapted to your personal situation. Do not wait any longer, because career counseling is an investment in yourself and in your future.

Would you like to know more about how I work or what career guidance can actually mean for you?

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